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Wedding Guidelines

 First United Methodist Church

Bay Minette

 Bridal Policy Information Packet


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First United Methodist Church

Wedding Policies and Procedures


            A marriage ceremony in the church is a worship service. It is a sacred time when two people join their lives to establish a Christian home. Those seeking to be married at First United Methodist are asking specifically for a Christian marriage and are expressing their intention to be part of the Christian community after their wedding.

            We are pleased that you have chosen First United Methodist to share this event with you. The pastor and staff wish to extend you every possible assistance. Therefore, careful study and an understanding of the church’s official policies and procedures will be necessary. It is our intent to conduct your wedding ceremony with the greatest respect for you and our church.





            A wedding is scheduled by contacting the church secretary. The exact hour of the rehearsal and wedding must be fixed at the time the sanctuary is reserved.


            No date is confirmed until the bride and groom has a conference with the pastor. Pastoral conference should be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, if possible. The reservation sheet must be turned in at this time.


            Members of First United Methodist may reserve facilities as far in advance as they wish. A “member wedding” means that the bride, groom or parents of bride/groom are participating members of First United Methodist for a minimum of 6 months prior to requesting a wedding date.


            Non-members may schedule weddings and/or receptions no more than 4 months prior to the ceremony.


            Weddings are scheduled to allow the entire day for use of the Sanctuary.

            No weddings, rehearsals or wedding receptions may be scheduled on the following days: Sundays, Holy Week, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Weddings are discouraged during Advent and Lenten Seasons.


            Rehearsals should begin no later than 6:30 p.m. the day prior to the Wedding. Weddings and/or rehearsals should not be scheduled after 7:00 p.m.


FUMC’s Wedding Fees


Facility Use

                                                     Sanctuary Only                       Family Life Center


Members                                 No Charge                            No Charge


Non Members                             $800.00                                        $600.00


   All the following fees are considered minimal costs for these services. Honorariums given to individuals involved in your wedding, above these costs, are appropriate ways for you to express your appreciation for the giving of their time and service.


Wedding Coordinator


         Pre wedding consultation w/bride & vendors and present at rehearsal, wedding and reception............   $ 250.00

         *refer to page 4*



Wedding Director


If desired - FUMC’s Wedding Coordinator can serve as your WEDDING DIRECTOR - fees to be negotiated, and paid directly to her. You are encouraged to use FUMC’s Wedding Coordinator/Director for your wedding.




        All Weddings...................................................................................................................... …… $ 175.00


Sound Technician


          All Weddings................................................................................................................... ……….$ 125 .00




          All Weddings................................................................................................................... ……….$ 150.00




        All Weddings.................................................. ……………….Minimum 3 hours each worker @ $10.00/hour

Must be the current Nursery Staff person unless she/he is unavailable at which time workers must be approved by FUMC and are subject to background check.

* The Total of Fees Due, should be turned into the Church Office, within 7 days of confirmation of your wedding date.

                          Special circumstances regarding the payment of these fees may be directed to the minister.


MEMBERS OF FUMC  -Please note that there are no fees associated with the minister for his or her services in your



NON MEMBERS  -        Please contact the church secretary for suggested honorariums for the minister.





            The Wedding Coordinator is available for pre-wedding consultation regarding the rehearsal and the wedding. The coordinator will assist with any scheduling needs or questions concerning FUMC wedding policies. The Wedding Coordinator will be available to answer any last minute questions and will be present for support and help on your wedding day. The Wedding Coordinator will additionally be present for the rehearsal and reception. (Please see attached for appropriate fees)

The scheduling and use of any outside vendors for your rehearsal, wedding or reception, at First United Methodist, is to be done only through coordination with FUMC’s Wedding Coordinator.

Please know that First United Methodist’s Wedding Coordinator can also serve as your Wedding Director and you are encouraged to use her as your Director if one is needed. Wedding Director fees are negotiated directly with the Wedding Director and paid directly to them.




            It is the preference of First United Methodist that our minister officiate all weddings at FUMC for our members and non members. A pastor of another congregation may assist or officiate at the wedding ceremony only upon invitation of First United Methodist’s minister. All pastors should wear liturgical robes and stoles.

            The marriage license should be delivered to the minister and/or the church office of First United Methodist, prior to the rehearsal.




            The music that is sung or played has great power to reflect the Christian joy of this event. Since the wedding is a worship service, we ask that you select music appropriate for worship, whether sung or played. Please coordinate your selection with FUMC’s Wedding Coordinator and/or the minister. We will be glad to assist you with any question you may have concerning what might constitute “appropriate” music for your wedding celebration at First Methodist.




            The rehearsal will take place the day prior to the wedding.  The bride and groom should insist that all members of the wedding party, ushers, and both sets of parents be present.  The rehearsal should begin no later than 6:30 p.m.  Members of the wedding party are reminded that throughout the entire rehearsal, the sanctuary of FUMC is a holy place, dedicated to God and His glory. We ask all members of your wedding party to respect this principle by acting and dressing appropriately.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted on church property.  No rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol.  Smoking is not permitted at anytime, anywhere in the church building or church grounds.






      If infants and young children will be accompanying parents to the wedding, a nursery may be booked for them. The number of children you are expecting, will determine how many FUMC nursery workers are needed and required. FUMC employs a part-time nursery worker who will be given preference in working on the day of the wedding. In the event that our staff worker is unable to attend to the nursery then outside nursery workers must be approved and undergo a background check prior to the ceremony.



      The First United Methodist Church sanctuary is a place of beauty and dignity, not requiring a lot of decorations to make it suitable for a Christian wedding.  We recommend and encourage simple decorations, which will emphasize the natural beauty of the Sanctuary.  The bride is responsible to review and present a copy of our guidelines to the florist.  These guidelines should be strictly adhered to, by you and your florist.




      We desire that you have the best possible pictorial or video record of your wedding.  The bride is requested to review carefully these policies and present a copy to the photographer or video operator.

      The following policies apply regarding photography during the wedding.


·         It is suggested as many pictures be taken prior to the ceremony as possible and then may be resumed after the ceremony.

·         When the bride reaches the chancel railing, All Photographing Photography Must Cease!!…except for the video camera(s).  If you are having a video made of your wedding, the camera(s) must be secured in one place and may not roam during the ceremony at all.  Please advise your photographer(s) of these policies. 

·         We ask that these policies apply to your guests also, so please request your guests to not take pictures during the ceremony. 




      We ask that flower girls and ring bearers should be an appropriate age. Flowers used by the Flower Girl should be dried or silk flowers.




      Communion is an appropriate part of the worship service and can be included, if desired.  The United Methodist Church welcomes all to this sacrament. If part of the ceremony, all persons in attendance will be invited to partake in the sacrament.




We ask that no rice or confetti be used by the bridal party or guest, during or after the wedding celebration. For celebrations, it is recommended to use birdseed, which may be distributed to guests to be used outside only.




            Church facilities are also available for wedding receptions.  Fees associated with the use of these facilities for receptions, are included on the “FUMC’s Wedding Fees” page. The reception must be scheduled when the wedding date is confirmed.

All receptions held at the First United Methodist church are expected to continue in their observance of the rules concerning that no alcoholic beverages be permitted on church grounds, nor is smoking allowed in any part of the church building, or on church grounds.




            The following policies are to be observed, when participating in a wedding conducted at the First United Methodist Church of Bay Minette.


·         Flowers may be used in the altar vases and/or a center arrangement on the altar.  If the wedding is on Saturday and it is the desire of the bride, these flowers may be used for the following Sunday services and acknowledged in the bulletin. Please let the church office know at least seven days prior to the wedding.


·         Floral arrangements or greenery may be used on each side of the altar on the same floor level as the altar.  Candles may also be used.


·         All carpeting must be covered by transparent plastic sheets to protect it from wax drippings from candles and stain from flowers.


·         No decorations, including candles, are to be placed in the aisles, or fastened to the pews, except the pews reserved for the families of the bride and groom; these may be designated by ribbons or flowers.  These ribbons or flowers, or both, may be fastened to the pews only with rubber bands, ribbons, or protected clamps.


·         Florists should take precaution to protect the finish of the furnishings of the Sanctuary.  Please use no tacks, adhesive, tape, nails, thumbtacks, scotch tape, or wire in attaching floral arrangements to the church floor or furniture.  Any damages resulting from the use of any of these, will be charged to your florist.


·         The altar and chancel furnishings in the Sanctuary are symbolic of the church and should be kept in order.  Any rearrangement of these should only be done in consultation with the pastor.


·         The City Fire Code prohibits the use of open flames in public areas in close proximity to persons or flammable materials.  Therefore, the use of candles near any guest or member of the wedding party is not allowed.


·         A branched candelabra may be placed on either side of the altar.  Candles may be votive or paradise.  No wax tapers are permitted.


·         All decorations and floral arrangements must be in place at least one hour before the services begin, and picked up immediately following the service.


·         The church properties must be left in the condition in which they are found.


·         Flowers used by the Flower Girl should be dried or silk flowers.

Cooperation with the above is expected.




(Please return to the Pastor's Office)



Wedding Date__________________________________ Time______________________________



Rehearsal_____________________________________ Time ______________________________


Reception_____________________________________ Time_______________________________


Full name of Bride: ________________________________________________________________


Name to be used in ceremony: ________________________________________________________


Current Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number (Home) _______________________  (Work or Cell) _______________________


Church membership: ________________________________________________________________


Parents Names: ____________________________________________________________________


Parents Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Parents Telephone: _________________________________________________________________


Full Name of Groom: _______________________________________________________________


Name to be used in ceremony: ________________________________________________________


Current Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number (Home) ________________________(Work or Cell) _______________________


Church membership: ________________________________________________________________


Parents Names: ____________________________________________________________________


Parents Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Parents Telephone: _________________________________________________________________


Address after wedding: ______________________________________________________________


Telephone after wedding: ____________________________________________________________



Wedding Reservation Sheet


The following information should be completed after your wedding date has been confirmed. Please return this information along with payment to the church office upon confirmation of date.



Wedding Participants                     Name                                             Phone Number



Minister                                            _______________________             ________________________


Wedding Coordinator                   _______________________             ________________________


Wedding Director                           _______________________             ________________________


Pianist/Organist                             _______________________             ________________________


Other Instrumentalists                 _______________________             ________________________


Vocalist                                              _______________________             ________________________


Florist                                                 _______________________             ________________________


Caterer                                               _______________________             ________________________


Photographer                                  _______________________             ________________________


Videographer                                   _______________________             ________________________



Church Office Hours       Monday Friday 8:00- 4:30


Church Office Phone                         (251) 937-8303

Church Fax                                          (251) 937-5663



Minister                             Rev. Jay D. Cooper           (334) 320-7080        e-mail:

Administrative Asst.          Tiffany Bekurs                  (251) 937-8303        e-mail:

Director of Music               Cris Smith                        (251) 377-0968        e-mail:

Church Organist                Charmein Moser             (251) 391-5125        e-mail:

Church Pianist                   Paulette Clark                  (251) 342-6178        e-mail:

Sound Technician              Aldo Edwards                   (251) 288-7394        e-mail:                                           

Custodian                          Contact Church Office     (251) 937-8303        e-mail:


Church Wedding Coordinators / Wedding Directors


                              Diane Payne               (251) 610-1845 e-mail:




Wedding Coordinator's Sheet



HONOR ATTENDANT                                      BEST MAN


________________________________                         _____________________________________




BRIDESMAIDS (in order)                                                    GROOMSMEN


________________________________                        _____________________________________


________________________________                        _____________________________________


________________________________                        _____________________________________


________________________________                        _____________________________________


________________________________                        _____________________________________




FLOWER GIRL                                                                      RINGBEARER


________________________________                        _____________________________________






____________________________________                        __________________________________________

____________________________________                        __________________________________________

____________________________________                        __________________________________________

____________________________________                        __________________________________________

____________________________________                        __________________________________________



Who will give the bride away?__________________________________________________


Number of mothers (relationship, in order of seating) ________________________________




Number of grandmothers (relationship, in order of seating)____________________________








Consultation with Church Pianist and/or Organist



Bride: ______________________________                       Groom: ___________________________

Wedding Date: _______________________                       Time: _____________________________

Rehearsal Date: ______________________                       Time: _____________________________

Number of Attendants: _________________


Organ Processional: ______________________________________________________________

Organ Recessional: _______________________________________________________________

Vocal Selections: _________________________________________________________________





Soloist(s): ______________________________   Phone: _________________________________

                    ______________________________   Phone: _________________________________



Special Requests or Instructions:






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